Amy Sloan

Real Estate Broker


Amy was raised locally in the Oswego area and was involved in all of her Dad’s business ventures from a young age. From restaurant businesses to building spec homes these experiences have helped shape the person Amy is today.

Amy pursued her passion for small business working with the public in her 17 year career as a Nail Technician. She built her client base and the salon from the ground up. Amy demonstrated her ability to work independently and her ability to put her clients needs above her own…

Why Real Estate?

At 25 yrs. old Amy had a vision for her and her husband to build their own custom home. Amy was determined and successful presenting herself at monthly county board meetings for approval to subdivide the land in order to build. Acting as her own independent contractor Amy accomplished every step of the building process and thrived at it. This accomplishment is what sparked Amy and awakened her skills and resulted in her interest into Real Estate.

Amy Gives much credit to her father for the tenacity she has and the drive to achieve great things in life. The importance of giving and keeping her word along with working hard to make a name for herself stands for who she is… Amy feels not only is this key in creating great business relations but absolutely essential.